What We Value

Treasure Coast Community Church | TC3 | Jensen Beach, FL

We believe and infuse three basic values in everything we do. Three C's. We believe that when these values are lived out together, we are walking closer to the likeness of Christ. Be it personally, structurally, or corporately, TC3 is committed to "Three C Thinking".

Connect With Christ
  1. Commit Your Life to Christ
  2. Be Baptized
  3. Walk With Christ
  • Getting to Know God
  • Getting to Know My Place
  • Getting to know My Church
Connect With Church
  1. Join the Family
    • Starting Point - Membership @ Tc3
  1. Walk With the Family
    • Lifegroups @ Tc3
  1. Serve With the Family
    • Mission and Ministries @ Tc3
Connect to Community
  1. Reach Out to Others
    • (personally , locally, globally)
  1. Reach Out With Others
    • (experience acts of kindness with your Lifegroup, and with church-wide missions projects )
  1. Reach Out by walking With Another
    • (walk "with" someone as they begin this proccess)

If you would like more information on what we value contact us.