What To Expect:

You can expect our guest services team to give you an authentic welcome. We are happy to have new faces with us. We truly believe TC3 is a healthy family to connect with and we get excited about the possibility of new additions to the family. We are intentionally focused to help guests feel welcomed, informed, and to hopefully help guests become family members.

You can expect a very relational, real, and practical approach to everything we do. If you have kids, they will be engaged to learn the practical truths found in scripture in a fun and applicable way. Our adult service will offer biblically-centered, contagious song anthems you will find yourself singing in the shower and in the struggles that life presents. The message of the day will give you an applicable truth from God’s Word that will strengthen you, stretch you, and make you better.

We know how awkward it can be to walk into a new environment for the first time. You don't know anyone. We've all been there. TC3 will be a different experience for you. Come join the TC3 family as we all seek to be connected to the Life-Changing Power of Jesus Christ. There’s always room for more at our table…