About Us:

Car Care is a ministry that was started by a group of mechanically gifted men, whose main objective is to provide basic oil changes and light maintenance to the cars of single moms and widows at TC3. The Car Care Team would also like to receive donated cars that may be repaired and provided to single moms who do not have a means of transportation to facilitate their employment.

how it works:

Every three months, TC3 offers a Saturday Car Care Day. Recipients must make an appointment at the Info Center at our weekend services. Sign-up sheets for appointments are made available three weeks prior to an upcoming Car Care Day. Only those with appointments can receive car service, as parts and materials need to be acquired in advance of the maintenance.

How to Donate:

Car Care is in need of vehicles that are drivable and have a title. One of the Car Care mechanics will take a look at vehicles that are offered as a donation to make an assessment.

To donate a vehicle, contact: Tom Schatz
Cell: 772-485-3477
Email: twoschatzs@gmail.com

Tax Deductible Donations:
We provide a proof of donation letter to those who donate vehicles.

Monetary Donations:
Click here

Email info@tc3.org